House Rules for All Mysticsense Psychics

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Last Updated: 4 months ago

 Last revised: March 4, 2024

  1. General

    1.1 Your use of the Services as a Psychic is subject to the house rules listed below.

    1.2 All capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning afforded thereto in the Terms.

  2. House Rules

    2.1 Violation of these rules will have You immediately removed from the Website, without exceptions.

    2.2 You should not promote Your own business on the Website.

    2.3 You must never attempt to take a User away from Us.

    2.4 You must not contact any User outside the Website, either by phone, email, or on social media. This includes either requesting their contact details or giving out Your own.

    2.5 Only You can provide Services under Your profile. You must NEVER let anyone else provide Services on Your behalf.

    2.6 You cannot raise your rate to Users in order to provide services such as removing curses or chakra cleansing. Services to Users of this kind must be conducted at the usual rate per minute.

    2.7 You must not raise Your rate between readings with Users when You know the User is shortly to come back if they have, say, gone to recharge their account.

    2.8 You may only raise Your rate once a month and by no more than 20% at any one time.

    2.9 You cannot talk about evil spirits, black magic, bad souls, spell casting, or curses. If a customer initiates conversation about this, You must tell them You cannot advise on these subjects.

    2.10 You must never engage in sex talk with Users. A minority of Users will either make indecent suggestions, want to have conversations of an explicit nature or expose themselves via video. You must end the conversation immediately and report this to Us.

    2.11 The use of AI or other word generators must never be used at any time by You in order to conduct readings for Users.

    2.12 You must never provide Services to a User who is clearly under the age of 18. Some minors lie about their age on the sign-up page so it's essential that if You suspect or know a minor is using the Services that You end the conversation immediately and report this to Us.

    2.13 You must never discriminate on the grounds of race, ethnicity, nationality, class, caste, religion, belief, sex, gender, language or sexual orientation. Tolerance must be shown by all of Our Psychics.

    2.14 You must respond promptly to emails from Your account manager asking You to make changes to Your profile. We need Our Psychics to be very professional in their outlook and easy to communicate with.

    2.15 If You are going to be unavailable for whatever reason during Your scheduled time, You must ensure You let Your account manager know.

    2.16 There is absolutely no excuse for abusive language or rude abrupt emails to Your account manager.

    2.17 You are not allowed to provide predictions to Users about death, accidents or disasters. Nor should You predict the prognosis of serious medical conditions, as even well-intentioned “you’ll be fine” statements can be potentially dangerous. For example, if a User has cancer, it might mean that they decide not to visit their doctor because they heard their Psychic say they would be fine.

    2.18 You are not allowed to provide medical diagnoses, including predicting pregnancy, IVF issues, pregnancy health or childbirth outcomes. Health issues can only be discussed in the broader spectrum of chakras, reiki and energy. It is incumbent upon You to report to the relevant authorities if you hear something that indicates the User is in danger or poses a danger to others.

    2.19 You must not predict legal outcomes or talk about matters pertaining to the law and court cases.

    2.20 We require honesty in all matters. This extends to your profile photo. It must be up-to-date and of You.

    2.21 On no account should You offer or suggest a refund to the User. This is outside of Your remit as an Advisor and leads the Users to believe that refunds are something You can authorise.

    2.22 You must not tell customers to leave you a five star review. This must be their choice to leave whatever rating their wish and not be instructed to by You, the advisor.

    2.23 You must conduct readings in the English language only. No other languages are permissible.


    3.1 We may change this House Rules Policy, at our own discretion, from time to time without notice.

    3.2 For any clarification regarding this House Rules Policy, please contact Us.

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