House Rules for All MysticSense Psychics

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Last Updated: 18 hours ago
  • Absolutely no promotion of your own business on MysticSense's platform. Your must never attempt to take a customer away from the MysticSense by selling extra services such as removing or casting spells, chakra cleansing etc. You must not contact any MysticSense customer on social media nor request their phone number or email address. Contravention of this rule will have you immediately removed from our site. No exceptions.
  • It must be you and only you who gives readings under your profile. You must NEVER let anyone else do a reading on your behalf as this is dishonest. Contravention of this rule will have you immediately removed from our site. No exceptions.
  • You must not raise your $ rate per minute or in anyway manipulate your rate in order to perform extra services for customers such as removing curses or chakra cleansing etc. Contravention of this rule will have you immediately removed from our site. No exceptions.
  • You must not create fake reviews in order to take advantage of our generous bonus system - it's fraud. Contravention of this rule will have you immediately removed from our site.
  • There must be no talk of evil spirits, black magic, bad souls, spell casting, curses. If a customer initiates conversation around this you must tell them you cannot advise on this area. Contravention of this rule will have you immediately suspending or even removed from our site.
  • You must never engage in sex talk with customers. A minority of customers will either make indecent suggestions, want to have conversations of an explicit nature or expose themselves via video. You must close down the conversation immediately and report it to If you perform sex chat/talk with a customer you will be removed from our site. No exceptions.
  • You must never discriminate on grounds of race, ethnicity, nationality, class, caste, religion, belief, sex, gender, language or sexual orientation. Tolerance must be shown by all our advisors.
  • You do need to respond promptly to emails from your account manager asking you to make changes to your profile for example. We need our psychics to be very professional in their outlook and easy to communicate with.
  • If you are going to be unavailable for whatever reason during your scheduled time, you must ensure you let your account manager know – unreliability will ultimately result in you being removed from our site.
  • Whilst we appreciate it can be frustrating getting yourself set up and running, there is absolutely no excuse for abusive language or rude abrupt emails to your account manager. This may also result in being instantly removed from our site. We are courteous and expect the same from you.
  • On no account must you make predictions to customers about death, accidents or disasters, neither should you predict the prognosis of serious medical conditions as even well intentioned “you’ll be fine” statements can be potentially dangerous. For example, if a customer has cancer, it might mean that he or she decides not to visit their doctor because they heard that the psychic said they would be fine. This actually does happen.
  • You must not make medical diagnoses, including predicting pregnancy or childbirth outcomes. Health issues can only be discussed in the broader spectrum of chakras, reiki and energy. It is incumbent upon you to report to the relevant authorities if you hear something which indicates the customer is in danger or poses danger to others.
  • You must not predict legal outcomes or talk about matters pertaining to the law and court cases.
  • We require honesty in all matters. This extends to the photo you upload of yourself. It must be current and of you! Your description must not make huge claims.
  • You must not be offended or annoyed if your account manager changes your description or asks you to provide a better photo. There are occasions when we will do a rewrite of your description, using your words, but making a complete change of structure, grammar and sentence ordering in order to make you more marketable. We have very high standards which must be complied with in order for MysticSense to present a professional and high quality service to our customers.

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