How Does Mysticsense Protect Its Service’s Integrity?

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Last Updated: 1 year ago

It takes more than just good reading skills to be a part of the Mysticsense advisor community. We’re focused on creating an environment where our clients can feel safe and cared for. Even if a reading doesn’t go as planned, we expect all our clients to come away feeling like they received the best service.

What to expect with us:

  • We don’t tolerate or use fear tactics. That means advisors will never scare you into calling back or make claims of dangerous consequences should you not keep contributing. Anyone caught doing this will be removed immediately
  • No advisor will be used as a means of collecting customer data. Our services are compliant with all data regulations and we never use our advisors to collect data inappropriately
  • The privacy of our clients and advisors is one of our main priorities. Advisors are obligated to use a pseudonym and client data is kept well protected
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy on negativity between advisors

The only thing our psychics need to worry about is offering the quality psychic counseling services we’re known for.

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