How does payment work? How often will I get paid and by what method?

MysticSense Support
Last Updated: 5 months ago


You may decide when you wish to withdraw funds, which can be at any time. Within your dashboard, you can choose how much of your funds you would like to cash out.

Within your dashboard, when a withdrawal is created, an invoice is generated automatically without the need to create one manually.

We use Payoneer and PayPal and It is strongly recommended to prepare in advance and open an account on one or both of these platforms so that when you need to withdraw your money, your receiving account will be ready.

In the seven working days of each transaction, we shall make reasonable efforts to process the payment method selected by each user for the amount agreed between the user and you.

Payments are generally processed quickly. However, psychics should be aware they can take from between 3-5 business days.


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