I left a review, but can’t see it - why has my review not been published?

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Last Updated: 4 months ago

We always want our customers to be happy with the service they receive from our psychics at Mysticsense. However, there are times when a customer is left disappointed with their reading. Leaving a negative review in such circumstances is a way that the customer can express their disapproval.

In certain circumstances poor reviews will not be published and will fall under these main points:

  • The review is abusive, contains expletives and/or aggressive language. This can be extended to using such words as “rubbish”, “fake” or “useless” which we would regard as abusive. If comments are carefully considered and make a reasonable argument then these are much more likely to be approved.

  • The review does not tell other customers why the experience was bad, for example “this was a bad reading”. Constructive detail is far more likely to result in review approval.

  • The review relates to a technical issue or the need for a refund. Not being able to connect with a psychic because there was a technical issue should not result in them being given a bad review.

  • Any/all reviews are subject to our discretion at Mysticsense and if we consider a customer is being unreasonable, unfair or vindictive then these reviews will not be shown.

All our psychics undertake a robust and lengthy interviewing process and are thoroughly assessed on their abilities by our expert interviewers, so we would ask customers to bear this in mind before leaving a poor review. If a psychic does not meet a customer expectation on one occasion this does not mean they are a "bad psychic", they may not have been able to connect to the customer in the same way that we don’t always click with everyone we meet. If a customer got an answer from a psychic which was not what they wanted to hear, we trust that our psychics have used their integrity and answered from a place of honesty. 

Finally, please note that all our reviews are genuine customer reviews and unaltered in any way.

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