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In setting up your profile, the description you write about yourself, your photo and your status message are of the utmost importance which is why we are very exacting on the standard. Remember you are presenting yourself, and Mysticsense, to the World and your profile will either encourage or discourage customers.

Your Photo
This is the first thing your potential customer will see of you. You only have a second or two to impress them before they scroll on by. You will want to be noticeable for all the right reasons!

At Mysticsense, we have a profile picture conformity for all our psychics so as to create a professional looking site, therefore, the following standards are very important to adhere to and we will reject photos which don’t follow to the points below:

  • It must of YOU (no flaming hearts, pets or pictures of other people!), be very current to within a year and not overly enhanced. We take a very dim view of people who are not honest in their picture – remember this is not a dating site and we value honesty above all things.

  • Your photo must show you upright! No pictures slanted/off at an angle will be accepted.

  • Your face must be clearly lit and face on, no side profiles or too much shadow.

  • Be in sharp focus, not pixelated or blurry.

  • Do not be too close to the camera, this can be distorting and show too much shine on your face! And please include most if not all of your head.

  • Whilst you don’t have to look directly at us, it is recommended as it will be more engaging for your potential customer.

  • Do not look too severe! Whilst you might think that you looking straight at us unsmiling creates an air of mystique and is more “psychicy”, it actually might be quite off-putting to a customer. You don’t have to have a huge grin, but just a friendly, open look would be appropriate.

  • Your photo must be at least 800 width x 800 height in pixels if not bigger. If you don’t know how to do this, please follow this link to resize your photo resizing tool. The resizer will distort your photo so you look either too wide or elongated. Therefore, before you use this tool you MUST crop your picture to a square before using the resizer. Also, please note, your photo must be taken in "landscape" mode by holding your phone sideways rather than upright - this is to ensure it fits the frame on your profile page on the site.

  • It must have a clear and, we recommend, a light background (minimal objects or, best of all, none). If you have a favorite picture and want to remove the background, you can try this remove background. If you do use this tool, you must ensure you create a light, non patterned, colored background which you can do in this site. This program downloads your picture as a .png file which will create a black background once uploaded which might look too severe.

Remember these rules and recommendations are there to help YOU be more marketable to customers. See examples of good and poor profile pictures.

Not Acceptable
* These examples are not intended to offend but merely to show different examples of what doesn’t work. This is about you getting more customers.
  • Image distorted

  • Grainy and not clear

  • Too dark
  • Not square

  • Bright light on face

  • Slanted
  • Too severe

  • Too close to the screen

  • Too dark
  • Too many other things happening in picture

  • Cannot see psyhic's face

  • Too far away

  • Too dark and shadowy


  • You can clearly see who you are talking too

  • Neutral background

  • Welcoming smile!

  • Clear and close image

  • Good lightning


Mysticsense wishes you great success and stands by you whenever you need it.


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