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This is also very critical to get right – again this is all about how you present yourself to the world. It may be that you are not sure how to write an effective profile and do not know how to structure your description, so we can help you with that. But it would be better if you can give it a go so that we don’t edit your words to the point they are not yours anymore!

  • You should write a minimum of 200 words – one or two liners looks like you didn’t bother!
  • Write in the first person “I was five years old when...” rather than the third person “Emma was five years old when…” Although it is a standard in the professional world to write in the third person, we are offering something here which is often very personal and we want to create a sense of inclusiveness rather than distance.
  • People want to know about YOU and your abilities so you should tell them about your background. When did it all start? Did you learn it from your grandmother? People love stories and yours is worth telling!
  • Please be honest! No one can prove you are making things up, but at some level, a lack of honesty is picked up by the customer even if they don’t consciously acknowledge it.
  • Use a spell checker and read over what you have written before you post it. Does it make sense? Read it out loud. Did you include full stops and remember to capitalise at the beginning of a new sentence?
  • Use bullet points for your expertise – it really catches the eye. People get bored of reading very long pieces of text, so keep you information in small paragraphs. Remember you only have a few seconds to impress people and really stand out.
  • Try not to use words like “can” or “may” as these are too uncertain. Positivity is very important.

An example of a good structure:

This sort of sentence to open “Hello! My name is xxx, let me help you find the answers you are looking for.”

Your history – when did you start becoming a psychic (people like some personal detail but not too much)

What you offer in terms of services in bullet point e.g.

• psychic readings

• clairvoyancy

• tarot cards etc

To end, tell them WHY they should contact YOU. Be warm and give the customer the feeling that they can trust you to give a caring, empathetic reading. Reassure them they won’t hear anything scary or horrible and that they can trust you with they deepest secrets.

Mysticsense wishes you great success and stands by you whenever you need it.

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