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We congratulate you on joining the Mysticsense family.

We have set ourselves the goal of being the number one online psychic service in the world, and we can't do it without you!

First, we recommend you to follow this guide which explains how to how to accept push notification for you to get notification about new calls coming in

Here are some steps you must to take in order to start giving your services to others:

1. Basic Details

Login to your psychic account Here. Now you are connected to your psychic
dashboard, click on Settings>Psychic settings

Name: write your user/stage name - this is the name customers will see.

Description: Write a complete and accurate description of your background, resume and relevant details as a psychic reader including:

  • Do try to make your description an absolute minimum of 100 words and no more than 250 - be warm and inviting!
  • When you are writing, think about why a customer would choose YOU - what’s your USP?
  • Please also write in the 1st person as in “I” not “she” or “he”
  • Please set your font as 18 points Open Sans
  • Do not include anything other than text - no pictures

For our extended Profile Picture Guide please enter Psychics Extended "Description" Guide


  • Upload the most high-quality picture you have
  • Upload a picture where your face is clearly visible and located in the middle of the picture.
  • Do not upload a picture where your face is too close to the camera.
  • Ensure you look welcoming - scary pictures will put customers off!

For our extended Profile Picture Guide please enter Psychics Extended "Profile Picture" Guide

2. Define the services you provide

Click on “Services”

For example, we will choose the “Chat” section

Click on “Chat”

Very Important: For the service to be available you must click the “Enable service” button for each service - (Chat/Video call/Call)

Now you have to set the price for each service:

Important note: If you are using your PC to receive voice calls You must have Microphone & Speakers installed, if you are using your Laptop or mobile phone to use voice calls you have it built-in. Just remember to Allow the site to get access to your microphone when you are asking for that (will happen in your first voice call session) The message will look like that:

Now that you have at least one service enabled and set a price you will start to appear on the psychics’ list.

3. Become Online

You choose when you are available or unavailable to provide your services, to be available you click on “Call center” and then click the “Go Online”


This is also the screen where you get new customer Inquiries.

Please remember: Whenever you are online, customers can contact you, if you are not in a position to provide service please make your status offline

After doing those 3 basic steps you can start accepting customers.

4. Set a Status message

You have the option to set a status, a better choice is to write your own slogan that will appear always under your profile.

You can see how this status appears in your profile in this example:

How to set your status message: got to your psychic dashboard and click on “call center” there you will see “Status Message” field, just fill it up and click “save”

Here are some important points to create a perfect status message and achieve a high profile rating:

This is also crucial – your status message appears underneath your profile picture and if you don’t create a status message then you are relying on your picture alone to attract people.

What you need to do is identify the problem and provide the answer, preferably in as few words as possible – we suggest up to eight as a maximum. Too many words makes the message too long and will be either amended or rejected by us if it is out of balance.


Good example: “Need an answer? Call me now!” Enticing

Poor example: “I am a multi-generational psychic” Not enticing

Above all, always ask yourself, “What would I look for in a psychic?” and then critically appraise your profile as though you are a customer deciding who they will call for their reading.

5. Set your schedules

You have the option to set your available hours, you do not have to, but setting available hours will allow site customers to know more about your availability and contact you at the appropriate time.

Click “Services” and choose the service you want to set schedules for, (for example we will choose “Chat”).

Then click “Service Schedule”

Click “Add new item”

And now you can set your availability hours.

Please Remember: If you set your schedules for specific days and times, you still can turn yourself to be online and you will receive inquiries as usual although according to the schedules you are not “supposed” to be Online.

6. Payments

Please find here all the information about payments and fees
Click Here.

Mysticsense wishes you great success and stands by you whenever you need it.

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